You've decided to buy, found the right home, wrote an offer and negotiated an agreement, the property has passed inspection/appraisal/title, now it's time for the closing.

Walk Through

The closing is the actual transfer of ownership of the property. Prior to signing all of the paperwork, you will want to conduct a final walk through to confirm that the condition of the property is as agreed. Even if my clients waive their right to a final walk through, I always go on their behalf. I've been able to "catch" sellers leaving items in the home, like odd furniture or trash, or also take items with them that were intended to stay, like window treatments and fixtures. Fortunately I'm able to intervene to get it all corrected by the closing. This is the last and only opportunity you will have to address any missed details, so it is in your best interest to schedule a walk through and attend.


The process of buying property requires a lot of paperwork. It typically takes about an hour to complete all the signatures. You will be required to bring your ID and "cash to close," which includes your down payment and closing fees. These funds will be received by the title company and will be need to be either a certified check or wired directly from the bank. Your agent will explain the exact details of your transaction. At the closing you will receive the keys to your new property and a copy of all of the paperwork you've signed. Your mortgage payment for the remainder of the closing month and the following month are typically included in the closing costs. You will likely start making payments 2 months into your ownership. Congratulations! You're done!

Buying a home has been described by many buyers as stressful, but it doesn't have to be. Knowing what to expect and preparing for it appropriately can totally change the experience. Selecting the right agent to represent you has a huge impact on the outcome. Please consider myself as a resource, either to represent you or to refer you to the right agent. I'm happy to help!