The Michigan real estate spring/summer market is famously hustling and bustling. There are lots of buyers and sellers seeking to make a love connection. The marketing leading up to the sale of this home brought numerous buyers to compete for the prize. 

The sale of any item depends upon the buyer being made aware of the existence and value of the item. That is precisely why you are hammered with ads for products and services on every surface, as well as through audio jingles and offers, every minute of every day of your life. A home seller isn't only competing with other home sellers to capture the attention of the buyer pool, they have to compete with the thousands of other solicitations from every other imaginable source, who are also trying to capture the attention of that consumer at that moment. 

This property received many offers, from which the seller could choose the most desirable terms. This means that we successfully overpowered all of the other noise, and presented the value of this property in a way that drove our target buyers to act. The storm of competition drove the buyers to bring their best. These buyers came to win, so the end price was over the asking price... so much so that I had to negotiate an appraisal guarantee into the paperwork. In most cases, agreements are renegotiated when the house doesn't appraise for the offer price. An appraisal guarantee is an addendum to the purchase agreement that commits the buyer to pay the difference in cash. Long story short, the buyers paid over $26,000 above the appraised value. 

Ultimately, both the buyer and seller are delighted. The buyer "won" the house, which wouldn't have happened without agreeing to pay the difference, and the seller got top dollar for their sale. 

I have included appraisal guarantees in many recent transactions, with multiple homes receiving over $20K above the appraised value.  Contact me to see how I can reach your target buyers and secure top dollar for your home. 

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