Most of what I know about real estate is local: home values, information about neighborhoods and school districts, those kinds of things.  Being in real estate for the past 13 years has allowed be to see some beautiful, luxury homes. 

Sometimes it's fun to take a moment and compare the high end homes in our area with ones around the country! 

Property #1 - $19,950,000


Property #2 - $12,500,000

Property #3 - $10,400,000

Property #4 - $9,750,000

Property #5 - $8,900,000

Recently I found a list of the most expensive homes in America.

The most and least expensive homes on the list are actually on the same street - there’s a $120 million difference between them!

Click here to see the 25 most expensive homes in the USA

Some of the amenities include: private ocean access, a life size chess set, a view of the Statue of Liberty, bowling alleys, basketball courts, helicopter landing pads, private spas, makeup refrigerators, movie theatres, even season tickets to the Brooklyn Nets!

What unique feature would your dream home have?

P.S. Let me know if you want to make an offer on any of these. I’d be happy to help. :-)