True love is hard to find, unless you're talking about truly loving your real estate selling experience. The main reason to love working with an agent is that your life is amazing and you want to keep it that way. The other main reasons to love your selling experience with an agent are as follows:

1.  Paperwork - In today's heavily regulated environment, you will have very little responsibility to acquire and complete accurate legal paperwork. Your agent will prepare all of the documents and make sure all are worded properly to ensure your protection if any of the signed agreements are ever challenged. You can rest easy.

2.  Experience -An experienced agent can handle any question, concern, situation, or hiccup that can arise amongst the many moving parts of a real estate transaction. Your agent can correct, diffuse, or expedite any problems that can occur along the way, from issues with financing to inspections or appraisals. 

3.  Negotiations - Negotiating the terms of a real estate sale can be awkward and ill-conceived for a homeowner. Your agent is a negotiating pro that will speak on your behalf and recommend negotiation strategies to secure the best terms for you. You don't have to worry your pretty little head about looking like a jerk in any way, or losing out on what you could have gotten if you had been more aggressive. 

4.  Pricing - Your agent knows how to accurately price a property to get the maximum amount for the market conditions. They can provide research and hard data to set a price that attracts many buyers and multiple offers. You can feel confident about your pricing strategy. 

5.  Advertising and Marketing - Any business or individual with anything to sell must get their product in front of their target consumer. Companies spend billions of dollars and employ brilliant minds to do exactly that. Your home needs to be seen by your target consumer as well. Your agent will create an advertising and marketing plan that will utilize many forms of media in your local area to attract those buyers. It's a big job, and one you won't have to do. 

You can love your listing and love your selling experience. For more information on buying or selling real estate, click here for a free copy of my book The Ultimate Guide to Metro Detroit Real Estate: What You Need To Know Before Contacting a Real Estate Agent.